The Disposable Funnel

The Fast Funnel disposable funnel is the only product of its kind, which can prevent contamination when using reuseable plastic funnels. 

Fast Funnel is a product offering an evolutionary approach to the age-old task of pouring a substance from one point to another. Although the simple task of pouring through a funnel is usually taken for granted, several important needs are missing in this common practice:

  • Convenience – Fast Funnel is flat packed, making it easy to have a clean funnel where you need one…when you need one.
  • Prevent Contamination – Fast Funnels are disposable. With Fast Funnel you always have a clean funnel on hand.
  • No Clean up Required – no need for chemicals, rags or paper towels for proper cleaning, just grab a fresh disposable Fast Funnel instead of that dirty plastic funnel.

Fast Funnel is a compact and disposable funnel, packaged as a select number of disposable funnels together, thereby prevent contamination and eliminating cleaning, chemicals and dirty rags.

 What is a Fast Funnel?

Fast Funnel® is a patented and patent pending disposable funnel packaged in a handy 3-pack (standard & professional versions).

Made of coated, heavy grade paper stock, they can be used with virtually any liquid or powder and are designed to fit a wide variety of openings. Fast Funnel is folded flat for storage so you can keep them where you need them…in a drawer, glove box, toolbox, pocket or just about anywhere.


  • Fast Funnel is designed to be compact for storing and remain clean until opened.
  • Fast Funnel is a simple, yet very effective means of eliminating the contact contamination present on reusable funnels.
  • Fast Funnel has been incorporated into the industry-leading maintenance programs of several top companies including the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, Westar Energy, Progress Energy, Coors, Miller Brewing Companies, and Nestle-Purina to name a few.
  • By reducing spills, chemical clean-up, and wasted paper, Fast Funnel is an environmentally friendly product.
  • Available in a number of sizes, there is a Fast Funnel ideally suited to almost every application

Be Green!

  • Biodegradable – The eco-friendly breakdown of this paper product
  • No chemical clean-up
  • Eliminates cleaning and dirty rags which can produce more litter and waste
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Controlled forestry through vendor selection – our paper mills and paper vendors
  • Sustainability of paper resources

 Is My Plastic Funnel Really that Bad?

Where does plastic go when thrown away?

Like paper, plastic bags can end up in two places: the landfill or the recycling center.

If a plastic bag ends up in a landfill, it will stay intact for thousands of years.  Plastic does not compost.  With plastic products in the mix, garbage does not have a chance to break down over time.  Plastic is fabulous in that it is recyclable.  All you have to do is basically re-melt and re-form.  The re-melting process also sterilizes the plastic thus allowing any recycled plastic to be made into hospital grade products.  Plastic can be recycled many times before it becomes brittle – then it can be made into something as functional as a mousepad or a doormat.  Please note that not all plastic bags can be recycled and many stores that collect them, simply send them to the landfill for lack of another alternative.