Fast Funnels® are the simple, convenient and clean way to pour fluids into containers and equipment. Intended for one-time use, each funnel remains clean and compact until separated from the header and opened. Made of coated, heavy grade paper stock, they can be used with most lubricants and liquids and are designed to fit a wide variety of orifices as small as 20mm in diameter. WithFast Funnels® there’s no clean up…just throw the used funnel away. And since you always have a new funnel ready for use contamination is virtually eliminated.

Part No NSN Nato Stock Number Description Funnel Size Quantity
FF05-0120 7240-01-573-4863 Fast Funnel Mini 186ml Single
FF01-0132  7240-01-573-4857 Fast Funnel Standard 250ml   3 pack
FF03-0140  7240-01-573-4859 Fast Funnel Professional 946ml   3 pack
FF-03-0120  7240-01-573-4862 Fast Funnel Extended 1.57l  Single

Fast Funnel – the evolution of clean delivery 

  • Always where you need the funnel to be
  • Improves safety & efficiency by preventing accidental spills on floors & equipment
  • Saves time on expensive clean ups
  • Conveniently packaged in handy 3 packs
  • Simply tear off the header, pop open, pour and dispose
  • Easily stores & remains clean in a tool box, cabinet, pocket, glove box, etc

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Technical specifications will be available soon.