It Causes The Main Cars Down The Machine

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This is the main cause of the car down the machine – To do the engine down of course need to be done first, in this case there are some symptoms that are signs of the machine must be over haul the white smoke coming out of the exhaust, the engine breaks down, the lubricant system / oil that changes color to white brown because mixed with water, the sound is not normal and so forth. For jobs such as down machines or overhauls this is not easy, and it takes no time. Hence the cost for self-overhaul is not cheap, in this case can reach 1 million rupiah even more depending on the damage that occurred.

In this case is usually referred to as the engine down, because in the work is the engine derived from the car to be examined carefully and repaired. Overhaul is a step in repairing a car engine by lowering by dismantling the machine and examined very thoroughly so that the information obtained is quite valid. The data already obtained, which will then be compared with the specifications contained in the manual, if the results are not in accordance with the existing specifications it will need further action whether repaired or replaced with components with new ones. If it is fixed and sure that there is no problem or problem again the next step is to assemble it as it once was.

In this case when asked whether or not the car engine is damaged, certainly no answer. But sometimes the age of the car requires to be over haul, but behind it all there are several ways to be able to prevent or make the machine is more durable in order not damaged vatal which requires to over haul, such as regular oil change, correct use, service and maintenance periodical and so forth.

And in addition to the need to know there are several causes of the engine in the overhaul, so that later we can prevent and more vigilant for the car is not easily damaged which makes it must be overhauled.

Main Cause Cars Down Engine
Well here are some causes of the engine engine down the engine.

Car of Water (Water Hammer)
The car in this case was also able to enter the water, generally this water can enter through the suction channel when the car is on a stagnant road, or when the flood occurs. This incoming water will come in the combustion chamber, which in this case we know that water is not a compressed substance like air. So when pressed by the piston it can cause pistons to be perforated / broken, broken rods, bent valves, crankshaft damaged and also the car broke down. Anticipation step is to avoid through the streets are often flooded high water, and hidari also by driving the car in the event of flooding. In order for the car to avoid getting off the engine, routine maintenance is the key. So car treated will be more durable when compared with a car that is rarely treated.

Bad Lubrication, Less Oxygen or Out
The second reason the car goes down the engine is on the bad lubrication system, it can also exhaust the engine oil. The lubrication system in the car has a very important function, namely to lubricate continuously on the moving machine components and rubbing, of course if there is no lubrication it will make the components are damaged. Once happened case, engine oil stayed one liter and has lasted for one month. The result is damage to the crankshaft bearings, which in this case requires to be replaced. Symptoms that arise is an abnormal voice.

To anticipate that the oil does not become less or run out is by routinely checking the amount of oil through deep stick oil. And of course must be replaced engine oil regularly. No less important is to note also on the oil indicator in the dashboard car. If the oil pressure indicator is illuminated (the picture of the cup is dropwise) indicates that there is a problem in which case the car’s lubrication system such as less pressure, bad circulation etc. and the cause may be broken oil pump, less oil, dirty filter and clogged drain .

For this if this indicator lights up then immediately repaired, a step you can easily do is to check the amount of oil through oil stick. If the oil is not sufficient then please add the oil is still good / good, then check also on the oil leak do not get after you add, after a few days oil has run out again.

Timing Belt Disconnect
In the valve mechanism, there is a timing belt which serves to deliver power from the crankshaft to the shaft of the nok. When the timing belt is broken, can make pistons and valves collide with each other. Which in this case will cause damage to the valve and piston components. So force your car to go down the machine for repair. But not all cars that timing belt breaks cause damage to their components and pistons, and some are safe or harmless. Everything depends on the construction. That will definitely make your car break down and can not be turned on. As we said before that it is best to prevent, by replacing the timing belt routinely. Usually around 65,000 – 80,000 km, timing belt has been replaced.

In this case have your car ever broken down? If yes then what causes it? gasoline runs out? spark plugs off? or something else ?. one of the causes of a strike car is over heating, and will cause some damage such as a curved cylinder head which will make the lubricant or oil mix with the water so it needs to be repaired. The improvements include the release of the cylinder head and flattened, so in this case it is not totally all to be unloaded, but only half of it. This work is often referred to as semi overhaul.

For anticipation step is, when the engine temperature is in the HOT level (H), the engine should be shut down immediately and checked further. Generally over heating is caused by the cooling system that does not work traditionally, such as fan radiator die, cooling water run out due to leakage, and so forth. 

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